Fibre Optic Cat 6  Data Cabinets  Certification

Fibre Optic

Samson Communications is certified to install all your fibre optics needs. Fibre Optics offers high speed data transmission across the fibre. It also has an immunity to lightning, meaning your network is protected during summer storms, so you can still be up and running (provided you have power) whilst your competitors are getting their cabling repaired. Fibre Optics also allows for the large passage of data to travel along the network, which means large documents are quickly shared among users. Not to mention that Fibre Optics is superior to copper and wireless networks.

Cat 6

Is the most common and standardised network infrastructure used by the large majority of commercial businesses and government departments alike. It boasts a 1 gig network speed which ensures that data is transferred across the network at a rapid speed. Cat6 cabling also allows for easy colour coding of patch leads to ensure that neat and tidy presentation of your leads. It also allows for quick reference and ensures the correct cable is unplugged.

Data Cabinets

Data Cabinets keep all your telephony and communication equipment in a secure, tidy and centralised environment. They also prevent dust infiltration which in turn allows for your equipment to be protected and running efficiently. They can have a dual purpose in that servers, UPS's and battery backups and monitors can all be housed in the one place.


Samson's Communications are an accredited Molex Certified company. This standard is applied throughout Government Departments and certain specified sites requiring a superior level of quality.

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