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On Premise

Being confident you are getting the best advice with the utmost integrity will ensure you make the right choices. Samsons ICT is dedicated to providing proven technology that will not become redundant and furthermore only offer supported brands.


​Pros and Cons of On Premise Systems 

  • Capital Purchase = Higher upfront costs

  • More disruptive Implementation

  • Training required with every system change 

  • Features, expansions and upgrades are additional expenses

  • Potentially more expensive to maintain

    • Samsons offers optional Business Hours or 24/7 support​

  • Loss of power will affect business operations

  • Storage and security of the hardware is required

  • Fully  owned = lower ongoing monthly costs

  • You can retain your current carrier

  • Affect to operations is reduced with loss of internet


Enhance your customer's experience while they spend their valuable time on hold.

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